Saturday, December 26, 2015

Year end best of 2015

I posted a lot this year, and it wasn't all poo.

Rights are for The People, not those people.
T R E A S O N ! ! ! ! !
The original Guy Who Got It.
Everyone is just as bad as everyone else, except me, I'm implicitly better for realizing that.
Intense suffering remembered.
Esoteric TRVTH, that's the best kind of truth.
Wall of Seperation, disregarded.
Slavery benefactor hushes it up.
Bigot lashes out at people who are different.
A noteworthy addition to the list of new n-words.
Abortion is so awesome, guiz.
I call dogwhistle.
In which I am introduced to Laurie Penny.
Elections are only valid when they have a certain outcome.
In which I bait thy click.
Ancient Yiddish curse: May you attempt sarcasm on the internet.
Science, democracy, whatever, I love it all.
Whinging bibley-wibley wussy whiners get shut down by science.
Science has failed.When it reaches the wrong conclusions, then it has obviously sold out to the international bankers cabbal.
Did they ever actually decide who to put on the $10?
A tale of privilege and entitlement.
Hey, this one's about Sarah Palin. I should tag those.
Minority Othered, then apologizes, because the patriarchy brainwashed her, I guess.
Racism rebutted, with extreme prejudice.
Send for your NYT decoder ring to find out who causes all of the wars: sʍǝſ ǝɥ┴
Have I mentioned how awesome abortion is?
Education defended.
Boy, Donald Trump sure is a Nazi, ammirite?
The "I'm a pedophile, you're the monsters" guy was only a few months ago? Seems like it's been longer.
So many posts this year, and only one fisking?
What an embarrassing position this unfortunate fellow has been placed in by those embarrassing people.
I actually screencapped this one from facebook myself.
You had a chance to start Christmas shopping early this year.
Sally Kohn hates Muslims.
Myopic reactionary opposes rape, instead of opposing rape culture, which is what is cool to do instead now.
Objectivist stoners think they're smarter than law students.
I guess I actually did two fiskings this year. Forgot this one.
More people would understand this if they'd been able to witness firsthand how VIVACIOUS this maniac was.
Get a load of all this ooga-booga thoughts and prayers woo.

OK, I think you're pretty much up to date now.

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