Sunday, June 28, 2015

Love wins, validating my feelings about people who are different being sub-human.

 LOVE WINS!!! Suck it haterz! I am happy, not angry or anthing, even though I know that the four Supreme Court Justices who claimed to have concerns about the wording of the law, the proper role of the Court, various precedents, etc, are actually lying and only dissented out of simple hatred proceeding from religious superstition. If I sound angry, it's just because I know they'll never be punished for lying. Actually, I'm just really happy, because  LOVE WINS!!!

No thanks to these hateful bigots.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Educat yirsilf

Concrete, linear objective consistent thinking (is(n't) not (not)) teh way to get things done in yeer Zer0, noeing az wee du that HE C҉O̡M҉Èz̢. N҉o ̡li̴mit̷z no b̛o͞u̶nd̵ar͡ies ͏a͜ll͏l͡l̶ ̵W̢i̢̧L͝L̶҉ ̀e̡͟e̴̸t͏̵̀ ͘҉&͢͏ ̸͜sh̶̵o͏̶w̡̛t ̧a̕n̕͝d ̢x̷yr ̨͟͡i͘ņ͏ ̢̀jo̡͞y̛̕ ̡f͢ǫ́̀r͏̷ev̸͠͏e̵r̸̨̢ an̶d́ ͜e̷̕v͞e͏͟r̛ &̸͘̕̕҉ ̶̷͡e̶̛͢͡v̷̡̛͠r̸͝ ̢̛͢͞͝&̷̴̷̛ ̧̨͘͝e̶͜v͜r̀͡ ̵͟͞&̸̛͘͡ ̕͢͜͢͞e͘͡v́͜͞r̸̕ ̛͘͢&̧͝҉͘e̡͢͠ẁ͏̧͟͜:̶̢:̡͞.̶̴

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dare I say it?

M C A R T H Y I S M !!! Yes, apparently I do dare to say it, despite the dire risk of drawing their attention and myself falling prey to M C A R T H Y I S M !!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

What Real Misogyny Looks Like

Ben Domenech seems to really have something against [yet to be specified woman]. The notion of replacing his dead white male hero with [a woman] seems to really upset him, especially since [nameless woman] might turn out to be a [member of ethnic minority]. What did [identityless symbol of politically useful demographic category] ever do to him? Did [woman to be specified at a later date] wound his fragile male ego with her sassy ____ attitude?

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Who PAID for this research? Some Jewi capitalists, or maybe the government, which gets all it's money from capitalists?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The worst person ever to exist just did the worst thing that a leader can do to his people. He increased their taxes.
Mister Brownmouth, if you have any remaining soupçon of decency, cut this tax, as all right-thinking people demand tax cuts.

Bad Kaka Man

More like Who POOPED in YOUR MOUTH.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Some underrated old posts.

First lesson on mastery of syllogism.
Human toilets are everywhere. VIGILANCE!
A long one, for when you've got some time to kill on your phone at work*
First major expose, second lesson on syllogism.
Second major expose, photographic proof of Teabagger racism.
My first and only fisking to date.
A bit of moral support in a time of need.
Famous class A Moron gotten a load of.
Treason exposed, with nuance. No executions scheduled yet.
Some guy person GETS IT.
A conspiracy exposed.

* Pooping.

You are not being eaten by lions - Your point is invalid

The graph above establishes (scientifically) that the Christian population of the U.S. has yet to be reduced by two-thirds; hence, those people haven't a leg to stand on when they complain about anti-Christian rhetoric or policy proposals. Think of Maher if ever your hatred of the reactionary godbags weakens, and NEVER let the whinging blub-blub Bibley-wibley wussy whiners cow you into discussing the actual merits of your policy proposals, or if it is actually constructive or accurate to say that all wars are caused by a particular religious group, or the appropriateness of whipping the left into a xenophobic frenzy of eliminationist hatred with Jacobin style anti-clericalist rhetoric. No, we must maintain laser focus on what is really pertinent: How silly those people are to object to anything other than actual physical mutilation.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The line must be drawn here! This far, and no farther!

The Enemies of Tolerance list is getting too long. I propose we trash it and just make a Friends of Tolerance list.
Happier times, when the Captain understood what cake is really all about.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This guy needs hard Scientific proof.

Let's help him out. Because if you don't think a show of hands is the best way to make every decision (with obvious exceptions; nuance, shades of gray, sophistcated lawyer talk, unlike THOSE people), then you reject democracy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No, Science GOOD.

John at Commonsense & Wonder hates science. There is evidence that he's been at War On Science for some time. My rebuttal is in the headline, and I can only conclude by suggesting that he find another use for his mouth other than spewing anti-intellectualism.