Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I miss most about my old job

Words, particularly when spoken on the telly, are magical. One can so easily filter out everything a baddie poo poo says except for special keywords, then just kind of free associate from there until one gets to racism, or rape or something, then both of my viewers have concrete proof that that person is a baddie poo poo.

Example: Peanut brittle - candy - sugar - plantation - slavery. Ergo, man say peanut brittle, he bad weewee head.

I'm almost positive this is exactly what buggers mean when they're on about "reason" and "logic".

Mainly I post this to remind my detractors (especially those who would portray me as a gobsmackingly vulgar yob who disguises unreasoning visceral hatred as articulate thought by tacking long strings of latinate polysyllables to it) of two things:

1) That no one ever complained about the IRS, nor did they associate it with the executive branch, before the inauguration of Totally Apolitical Non-Partisan Black Man Who's Stated Policy Preferences Don't Conflict With Anyone Else's.

2) That I have an English accent. Checkmate, bitch.

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