Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Godbag Christers try to legalize rape

A syllogism:

RESOLVED: One conceivable consequence of rape is pregnancy.
:. One conceivable response to pregnancy is abortion.
:. Abortion reverses one conceivable consequence of rape
:. Abortion is effectively a medical cure for rape: i.e., the opposite of rape.
:. Opposing abortion is the same as opposing the opposite of rape.
:. Objecting to unregulated abortion is the same as calling for legalization of it's opposite, rape.
:. goto 20
:. Legalizing rape leads to more abortions.
:. Advocating legal restrictions on abortion is objectively pro-abortion.
:. ???

That said, I link this primarily as a reminder that no one is "pro-abortion" (except anti-abortionists, see above proof). Some people are anti-choice, while others are pro-choice, and wish to end abortion by legalizing birth control and sex education (seriously, there wouldn't be any abortions if only birth control and sex education were legal), but NEVER through coercive means, such as prayer.

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