Friday, December 27, 2013

Fisking Weinbaum

Weinbaum's got 20 problems with the Avatar of Hope.
I've got 20 rebuttals.

  1. Realists accept that a certain amount of pseudo-truth is required for the executive to get necessary things done, precisely because of the very sort of simplistic moralists who are so quick to condemn. Also, any statements concluded with the word "period" are axioms, hence inherently true, QED (that's Latin for "period").
  2. President Obama is not in fact the founder of the IRS. It's Woodrow Wilson's IRS, not Obama's. Nice dogwhistle though, Cletus.
  3. Oh yeah, well how about I take a dump right in your mouth?
  4. You people are supposed to love guns so much though, QED.
  5. Still on about Benghazi, you ghastly yobs? How much do we have to poo-poo this before you'll realize that it's a non-issue by virtue of how thoroughly it's been poo-pooed?
  6. What about the roads? You've used government funded roads for business purposes. It's like Persephone eating the bloody pomegranate pip in Hades, your business rightfully belongs to the state now, period.
  7. What else, pray tell, could diplomacy conceivably consist of?
  8. He won.
  9. Got a problem with minorities? People pooped on minorities on several non-consecutive occasions, you monster.
  10. Since wealth still exists, it is evident that the solution to debt is constantly increasing income tax rates. So you don't get to be critical about the debt unless you're in favor of that, period.
  11. If you claim that proposed legislation should not be passed because it will have unintended effects, then it is impermissibly inconsistent to then object when an advocate of that legislation tries to minimize the political consequences of the unintended effects by altering the legislation through non-legislative means after it is passed. You're arguing with him while he's sort of agreeing with you.
  12. You people (see #4), QED.
  13. You people (see #s 4 and 11), QED.
  14. Failure of free-market capitalism resulted in 11 million out of work. Green energy will put them back to work, and the stimulative effect of food stamps will eventually eliminate unemployment altogether.
  15. Someone should poop in your mouth.
  16. This simplistic, black and white, allies good, enemies bad twaddle must be quite heady stuff for ignoramuses, but anyone who's read their Zinn knows the truth is more nuanced: America bad. 
  17. Anyone ought to be embarrassed to be associated with the sort of person who would say such a thing, regardless of it's factuality.
  18. Eat poop.
  19. I call rape culture!
  20. Criticizing the very system you sabotaged yourselves by opposing it to begin with? How tacky.

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