Friday, June 12, 2015

You are not being eaten by lions - Your point is invalid

The graph above establishes (scientifically) that the Christian population of the U.S. has yet to be reduced by two-thirds; hence, those people haven't a leg to stand on when they complain about anti-Christian rhetoric or policy proposals. Think of Maher if ever your hatred of the reactionary godbags weakens, and NEVER let the whinging blub-blub Bibley-wibley wussy whiners cow you into discussing the actual merits of your policy proposals, or if it is actually constructive or accurate to say that all wars are caused by a particular religious group, or the appropriateness of whipping the left into a xenophobic frenzy of eliminationist hatred with Jacobin style anti-clericalist rhetoric. No, we must maintain laser focus on what is really pertinent: How silly those people are to object to anything other than actual physical mutilation.

1 comment:

  1. If being eaten by Lions is the definition of oppression... we could just go with that.

    I'm pretty sure that no one else is being oppressed, either. Might disappoint some, but victory over oppression is surely worth some disappointment.