Thursday, July 16, 2015

GOP Seizes On Heavily Edited Video Of Planned Parenthood Falsely Claiming To Do Things That Are Perfectly Ethical

You should not believe this video because it comes from a well-funded group that is critical of Planned Parenthood. You should only believe criticism of Planned Parenthood from sources which are poorly funded, and not critical of Planned Parenthood.

These misogynistic butchers eviscerated the portion of the video in which the liar who you shouldn't believe stalwart guardian of womyns health and dignity re-iterated that Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization, meaning that after everyone is paid and all costs are covered, no left over money is designated as "profit" for tax purposes. This is why no non-profit organization can ever be credibly suspected of a conflict of interest. People only have an interest in getting paid if the money comes out of taxable profits.

Furthermore, exchanging potentially useful things for money does not constitute "selling" them, unless you come out ahead. Anyone who ever told you there was such a thing as "selling things at cost", "loss leaders", or "undercutting the competition" was a lying theist.

Also, the things that these liars are accusing Planned Parenthood of doing are actually good things, and it's good that Planned Parenthood is doing them.

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