Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Year Was 2013...

... and there was suffering.

Do you remember how you suffered when the government shut down? So much suffering. What historians will remember about the government shutdown of '13, is all of the very specific suffering that objectively was caused by the government shutdown to have occurred to numerous actual people who I could totally name. Oh, the suffering. How the dickensian hoards of Joads suffered, even as those TUUUUUUURRRRRRRRDSSS continued to get paid. The suffering at one point got so bad, I almost would have been able to tell that the government had been shut down even if no one had told me. Let us never forget the nightmare that we must suffer if ever again the Legislature betrays its sacred duty to immediately rubber stamp the federal budget without hesitation or deliberation. Or our future suffering could be as bad as the suffering that we suffered in that terrible year of suffering.

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