Thursday, January 2, 2014

Remember when Hillary Clinton tried to reform healthcare and there was absolutely no opposition to that because she's white?

Sometimes a regressive reactionary is just a regressive reactionary, it doesn't always have to be racial, even if it is an easy way to act like you're Atticus Finch without having to actually do anything or risk any consequences.

I may sometimes come off as some kind of profound philosopher, but really, a lot of what I do is vaguely recall the 1990s, which makes me a deeper political thinker than most of the internet.

What am I talking about though, NOTHING could be more important than cheap Atticus Finch posturing. Why else would one ever take public positions on policy issues? The merits of the policy proposals themselves? Please.


  1. Wait a moment... There was widespread opposition as part of the War on Women!

  2. And right after I was bragging about my memory.